• 💧 MAKE HAND-SANITIZING A HABIT - Keep your home and family safer with this touchless sanitizer dispenser. You never know what you’ve touched while you were outside so disinfecting is a must!
  • 💧 FULLY AUTOMATED - Our automatic sanitizer dispenser is totally hands-free. Just hover your hand beneath the touchless sensor so you don’t touch the machine itself with unsanitized hands
  • 💧 NO SLIPPERY FLOORS - Don’t worry about slick blobs of sanitizer falling to the floor or any surface. Our wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser has a drip catcher dish. Fewer cleanups for you!
  • 💧 HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION - Our hand sanitizer wall mount dispenser is easy to install. Just tape the included screw and attach the unit effortlessly. No need to drill holes into your walls.
  • 💧 EASY TO REFILL - Stop purchasing little bags of sanitizer over and over again. That can be costly in the long run! Our tank is easy to replenish with your own sanitizing gel or solution refills.

Wall-Mounted No Touch Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Refillable Bottle Tank

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